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Truth has never been more vital

e are watching the fall of the Western Empire. Although it might hurt us economically with hyperinflation, et cetera when the dollar crashes, you and I would like for it to have happened yesterday. But the fact of the matter is, is that empires have had an uncanny ability to hang on for a long time. You remember the Western Roman Empire collapsed in 412 or 413AD or whatever it was but the Eastern Roman Empire did not collapse until the Ottoman Empire and the Germans overtook it in the early 1500s.

So, they can really, really, really, really hang on for a long time. And so, but it is happening very fast. The Achilles heel for the Western world is the US dollar and the euro and their ability to print literally football fields of euros and dollars every second of every day, going back years and with no apparent repercussions. Although Moody’s just downgraded the United States from neutral to negative rating, because now the debt in the United States is over $30 trillion officially.

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The Seek Truth From Facts Foundation brings together a stellar group of authors, journalists, historians and researchers, who collectively offer one of the finest bodies of works on the Internet. It is not static, constantly needing updating, adding to and improving.

The foundation needs funds to:

  1. Give a broader voice to the deeply talented and knowledgeable members of the esteemed China Writers’ Group(CWG).
  2. Promote unsung, deserving journalists and writers, who do not have a decent platform to share their valuable work.
  3. Create synergies between and among the CWG and guest contributors, to serve and inform the greater public around the world.
  4. Maintain and expand the online libraries of China Rising Radio Sinoland, some of the largest collections of China-focused articles, interviews and podcasts on the web, as well as expand The China Trilogy into The China Cycle.
  5. Maintain and expand the Bioweapon Truth Commission Global Online Library, the world’s largest, free online source of audio, video, image and print collections, covering biological and chemical weapons, going back to World War One.
  6. Conduct on-site and online lectures, panels and forums with invited guests from around the world. Supporters of Seek Truth From Facts will have top priority to participate in these events.
  7. Organize and lead small tours in China that go beyond the usual Western tourist point-of-view. Members will visit and learn about critical historical places that tell the story of the Chinese people, in their voice, especially covering the post-Opium War, Chinese Civil War, founding and post-liberation periods. Supporters of Seek Truth From Facts will be the first to have these opportunities.
  8. Solidify and continue all of the above missions for the long-term, making Seek Truth From Facts Foundation a legacy that will continue for future generations.

We hope you will join us at Seek Truth From Facts Foundation to carry on its mission for years to come!

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