President Putin is taking up the mantle of Lenin in modern-day international conditions without any ideological agenda other than promoting multipolarity, sovereignty, and traditional values.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a detailed speech Friday afternoon while formally incorporating four formerly Ukrainian regions into the Russian Federation, which amounted to a revolutionary manifesto that will forever change global politics. He began by defending his country’s latest political move on the basis of the UN Charter’s right to self-determination, which the Russian leader said was undeniably expressed in a democratic way by millions of people over the past week.

He then emphasized his country’s peaceful intentions by calling on Kiev to immediately agree to a ceasefire and return to negotiations, but President Putin added that Moscow won’t discuss the status of those four regions that were just incorporated into the Russian Federation. About that, he promised to protect their people with all means at his disposal, which can be interpreted as reaffirming last week’s hint about the possible use of nuclear weapons in self-defense as an absolute last resort if need be.

It was at this point that President Putin began his revolutionary manifesto by explaining the present state of International Relations. In his view, the Western elites have torn off their masks and shown their true imperialist face. They want to plunder and destroy all those countries that they can’t control, including Russia, [as an empire, they already plunder all nations they control]. throughout the course of their aggressive and unprovoked Hybrid Wars against them. All countries that practice independent and sovereign policies are targeted, including US allies at times.

The Collective West, as he described it, has a will to dominate. It wants colonies, not freedom for all, plunder instead of partnership, and slaves instead of citizens. The so-called “rules-based order” is nothing but hypocritical double standards that nobody else agreed to, which is proven most recently by them being in support of the indivisibility of borders whenever it suits them like in the case of the latest referenda but against it whenever it advances their interests in an allusion to Serbia and Kosovo.

Ambitions of apartheid are what drive these double standards, President Putin concluded, which he added is nothing more than imperialism and parasitism whereby the West steals from everyone else. They won’t repent for their former crimes of colonialism and genocide, but instead accuse those who defend themselves of that and more. The global food and fuel crises were caused by their own policies, he claimed, yet they don’t want to solve them but exploit them.

The cause of “deterrence” that the Russian leader said is included in practically every Western security document nowadays is nothing more than a euphemism for undermining the development of every independent and sovereign center of power in the emerging multipolar world order. Russia, however, is always falsely blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world even though it’s the Collective West’s fault and particularly that of their rogue elites.

President Putin then drew attention to the historical pattern of these same elites using war – both conventional and hybrid – to temporarily fix their own problems. The US economy recovered from the Great Depression due to the profits it gained from World War II, while the 1980s crisis was solved by plundering the USSR as it collapsed and especially afterwards. The Russian leader ominously warned that more similar such parasitic and globally destabilizing plots might be planned for the future.

The whole world is being deprived of the right to choose their way of life as the Collective West imposes its radical model onto all others at the expense of traditional conceptions of family and values. Examples of this are embodied by so-called “gender ideology”, which removes references to parents’ gender and even teaches elementary school children what President Putin described as degraded and perverted valuers that lead to extinction. Because of this, he accused them of supporting “pure Satanism”.

The Russian leader also referenced Jesus, who said that false prophets will be recognized by the poisonous fruit that they bear, which he said that everyone– including many in the West itself – are realizing. Emerging power centers that represent the majority of mankind and which defend their interests as independent states will define the future of International Relations, he said, and it’s this future that Russia’s fighting for. It’s unavoidable, he said, that Western hegemony will be broken.

History has called Russia to play this role exactly as it has many times before in the past in stopping all those who aspire for global domination, President Putin proclaimed. He promised that his millennium-long civilization will save children from enslavement and experiments aimed at maiming their souls. Russia will never be canceled, but will grow stronger by consolidating itself on the basis of universal values. With history on its side, Russia and the whole world will win while the Western elite will lose.

Briefly analyzing his revolutionary manifesto, it’s clear that Russia now considers itself the leader of the world’s anti-imperialist forces that are jointly opposing the Collective West and its rogue elite. There’s no longer any doubt that a New Cold War is among everyone and that this will change global politics. President Putin is taking up the mantle of Lenin in modern-day international conditions without any ideological agenda other than promoting multipolarity, sovereignty, and traditional values.

Unlike the erstwhile Soviet Union, however, President Putin doesn’t expect the Russian Federation to ever collapse. To the contrary, it continues to expand its territory as evidenced by Friday afternoon’s incorporation of four formerly Ukrainian regions even though no member of the international community has yet to recognize this. By unilaterally defending its interests as its leadership sincerely understands them to be irrespective of controversy, Russia just catalyzed irreversible global changes.

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I’m a Moscow-based American political analyst specializing in the global systemic transition to multipolarity.
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