By Declan Hayes / September 4, 2022

“Though the Russians might look like Europeans, they are, you see, not quite human, not quite kosher, not quite like us.”—Kevin Myers

Though the news that Clown Prince Zelensky, Ukraine’s contemptible puppet President, is renting one of his Italian villas out to Russians for €50,000 per calendar month would lead to protests if his junta had not banned all such protests on pain of death, this further evidence of his corruption flies in the face of the rampant Russophobia all of Western Europe’s opinion makers have signed up to. Although I previously wrote about this Russophobia in the context of Russian children’s stories and the Ukrainian junta’s book burning policies, none of that could prepare either you or me for what now follows, for what resembles a German Jew watching Kristallnacht unfold one shattered window and one shattered life at a time.

Germany’s new FM Anna Baerbock

Regarding the Reich’s “Eternal Slav” enemies, first consider the case of Anna Baerbock, Germany’s Foreign Minister and a member of the CIA’s war mongering Green Party. In this video, this Green stooge pledges to continue to fund Zelensky’s war effort along with, presumably, his property empire, “no matter what my German voters think” or how hard their life gets. This modern day Hitler in a dress is, in other words, prepared to let elderly Germans, who are already foraging for wood to replace Russian gas, freeze to death this winter if that is what it takes to keep Zelensky’s rump Kiev regime and his thriving property portfolio going. Baerbock, whose CIA inspired Green Party commands no more than 15% of the German vote, does not care what they or any other Germans think. If Uncle Sam wants his German colony to continue to fund Zelensky and like minded gangsters, so be it.

Next, cock an ear to Florence Gaub, a Franco German CIA employed cretin, who informs us in this hate filled videothat Russians are not Europeans, as they simply don’t value human life the same way we civilized Europeans, who are in hock to the CIA, do. Though the Russians might look like Europeans, Gaub, echoing German policy advisors from earlier eras, tells us they are not. They are, you see, not quite human, not quite kosher, not quite like us. Although, in Gaub’s defense, it could be argued that she is both a World Economic Forum and NATO sock puppet, whose excuse for a PhD was a compare and contrast waffle fest between the civil wars NATO instigated in Nigeria, Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina, that cannot mitigate these Russophobic hate crimes, for which Gaub, like all others implicated in the World Economic Forums’ money laundering schemes, should serve a lengthy custodial sentenced. If a prison cell and a hangman’s rope was good enough for Der Stürmer‘s Julius Streicher, then they should also be good enough for Gaub and Streicher’s other ideological sprogs.

And much the same goes for William Joyce, Lord Haw-Haw, the Anglophilic Irishman who was hanged on 3 January 1946 as one of Europe’s most notorious Nazi collaborators and whose last words, by all accounts, reiterated his Anglophilia, his anti Semitism and his Russophobia, views which haven’t gone away, you know, if the views of Kevin Myers, once Ireland’s best known journalist, are our metric. Myers, who was banished far beyond the Pale on a trumped up anti Semitism charge, uses his blog to explain to us the nature of the Ukrainian problem in words that the aforementioned Fräuleins and their CIA enablers would relish. The problem, the racist Myers explains, is that analysts omit “a key factor, the nature of Russia and its people, that any analysis of this crisis must take into account”.

Having helpfully identified the fact that “Russia and its people” are as different to us as are, presumably, a lion and its lair, Myers helpfully elaborates so that we might more fully understand the nature of the [Russian?] beast we are dealing with. Russians, you see, are different but not in a nice, benign or even manageable way but more as an existential threat, somewhat like how Der Ewige Jude depicted the Jewish threat, which was likewise alien to Baerbock’s so very civilized Germany.

As Myers helpfully explains, the Russian psyche has an “utter indifference to human life, individual dignity and personal freedom” and “Tchaikovsky, Sholokhov, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Solzhenitsyn were not merely laureates of this mystical Russian ‘difference’, they embodied it in their art. This is what makes these artists almost impossible for ‘westerners’ to fully understand, rather as Confucianism cannot be understood by non-Chinese”.

Let’s parse that nonsense, after first noting, as an aside, that China is also in the crosshairs because of, of all things, their ‘Confucianism’ and, perhaps, their partiality to green tea and Jackie Chan movies. Although Sholokhov is, for me, rather leadránach, and Solzhenitsyn is as easy as the CIA’s apple pie to understand, I had not been aware that Tchaikovsky wrote anything of note. Dostoyevsky is, by any metric, one of the greats of global literature and for a pup like Myers to try to cubby hole him only goes to show how cretinous Western apologists like Myers, Gaub and Baerbock are at heart.

And what then are we to make of our era when a cretin like Myers can attack Tchaikovsky’s mastery of music? Tchaikovsky’s sin, for which he would no doubt today be put to death if Zelensky’s tone deaf thugs got hold of him, was that he enriched Romantic music by incorporating Russian melodies and motifs into his work. Had he been born later and born a French rather than a Russian citizen, he might have joined Olivier Messiaen on his Papuan New Guinean trips and, like that French genius, incorporated New Guinea’s jungle sounds into his work. But he wasn’t. He was born Russian, of Russian parents and with Russian influences and good on him and his parents for that because, Myers, Hitler and others notwithstanding, being born Russian and of Russia is not, never can be and never will be a crime.

Myers next goes on about the human waves the Red Army supposedly employed against the Nazis, just like the Chinese did in Korea as evidence that the Russians hold human life, their own included, in low regard. As one who wrote endlessly about Ireland’s criminal complicity in the horrors of the Great War’s Western Front, Myers must have the memory of a goldfish and the independence of a CIA tea lady to be throwing that canard at the modern Russian Army, who seem to be much more focused on minimizing their casualties than is rack renter Zelensky and his cronies with their suicidal Slava Ukraini banzai charges.

Myers, mirroring the CIA’s The Chrysanthemum and the Sword hit piece on the Japanese, talks about the duality of “Russianness [which] combines an astonishingly brutal coarseness with an astonishingly erudite sophistication”. To hammer home this point, he uses Nabokov’s Lolita which, though based in the United States, is used to explain “the depraved aesthetic of the immensely cultivated savage humming a note-perfect Bach motet while he plans the deportation of an entire nation on foot to the windswept icescapes of Siberia, pausing amid the exquisite polyphony to imagine sodomising some still-warm corpses”.

Although the logic of that drivel might be as hard for you to understand as it is for me, Myers helpfully tells us that “Even Trotsky was Russified away from his Jewishness into being a profoundly intelligent Muscovy barbarian” and that “It is hardly coincidental that two of the very few Russian words in English are [Yiddish] ‘pogrom‘ and [Polish] ‘intelligentsia‘ and that Russians’ propensity to violence may be explained by “an irrefutably eastern illness”.

Although we could scoff away all of this racism by positing that Myers, like Zelensky, must have snow up his nose rather than, like the Russians, on his boots, the engine for this rampant racism deserves much more attention not only in the case of Myers, whose father was a British Army officer but of all like him and those aforementioned German morons. The idea that Russians despise life is a reflection of Golda Meir’s comments on Palestinians and their children and the greats of Russian literature are a reflection on all that glitters in Russia, just as the greats of Japanese literature reflect all that is bright, golden and eternal in The Land of the Rising Sun. Although Myers no doubt believes that he was unjustly punished because of his alleged anti Semitism, preaching Russophobia or hatred against the Chinese, the Japanese or any others is not the way back to fame and fortune. It is the way back to the darkest chapters not only in German history but of the ongoing Anglo American empires folk like Baerbock, Gaub and Myers are never done extolling.

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